29 September 2008

school holidays.....

Well its that time of the school year again... School holidays. I have taken off 2 weeks again to look after Zoe and also robs mum is visiting next week with her sister, Nesta.
Not too much planned so far. I went out on Saturday and caught up with a mate of mine for lunch, and while out saw an old friend and his partner. It was good to catch up. and he had not changes a bit!
Came home, had robs friends over for dinner the kids played and all was great. a nice weekend to start off the holidays!

22 September 2008

Zoes party!!!

Zoe's party....... where do I start???!

We decided to have her party at mini golf, which was good as it meant children NOT running around our place.

Zoe wanted all the kids from her unit to attend so we invited them..... 17 Autistic kids at one party..... what was i thinking!!

But it all went well. Helen sent me the Doctor who plates and cups from the UK which made Zoe's day(and also most of the parents who all ...as it seemed-were Doctor who fans too!)

goodie bags for everyone but of course no gluten,dairy or anything artificial in sight!! so no hypo kids!

We played parse the parcel, pin the dinosaur on the sun(we wanted pin the sonic screwdriver on the doctor but could not find a poster for it..gutted)

then they all played mini golf and lastly cut the cake and wished Zoe a happy birthday. great fun.

We had a little meltdown when Zoe lost a balloon and then proceeded to tell everyone she was having a terrible day!

but all in all all the children were great and everyone seemed to gave a good time.

16 September 2008

Last Week was a BIG week!!!

Well last week was mad!

Firstly it was Rob's birthday which was good. Then several days later was our daughter' Zoe's 7th birthday. We said we were not going to spoil her this year as she was having a party but ...that NEVER happens!!!! As usual she got heaps of pressies and a cake. a TARDIS cake mind you... yep thats right........ my Zoe is Doctor Who Mad!! so I attempted the best I could. and as Zoe has many allergies the TARDIS could not be Blue so chocolate had to do.

Then on thursday we had another big celebration, Rob got Naturalized as an Australian. I was so proud as he got up and accepted the certificate. and as Zoe said.... 'Dad now my WHOLE family are Australian!' Well after the cermony we realized this was not totally true... Zoe rabbit 'buddy' was brought in Wales so we have to have a cermony for him too!!!

Well first things first...............

Hi to everyone who reads my blog.
This is my first post.
I am an avid scrapbooker and card maker, i have a great family and crazy pets; Osiris and Loki.
I am going to try and post every week and update my picture on what is happening this side of the globe.
I hope you enjoy.