14 March 2013

a zombie killer....plants Vs zombies style!

Hello there everyone,
Easter is upon us, and once again in my nail polish group we are doing Secret Bunny. last time it was Secret Santa and i make a giant polish bottle from felt, but this time i happened to get one of my good Polish friends and she is a HUGE zombie fan. One of her Fav things is a PC game called Plants Vs Zombies, so i HAD to sew her a character from the game.
After scouring the internet i found THIS great pattern from etsy. it is a pattern to make a felt peashooter from the game.

So i started out by cutting all my pattern with my Fiskars scissors( my paper cutting ones)

Then i cut out my pattern in felt with my Fiskars "fabric cutting" scissors. i have a different set of Fiskars scissors for all types of cutting so as to not blunt my scissors.

Once all cut out and with help from my Fiskars 12 in 1 multi sewing tool i started to sew up my peashooter as per the pattern instructed.
Here is the finished peashooter.
P1040300 (Medium)

P1040304 (Medium)

i think he turned out really well! And im sure my secret bunny will love him.....now to work out how to post him to queensland!!!

Tara :)

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