31 October 2008

Day 31 last day of the challenge...

Well today is the last day of the fiskars photo a day challenge. and for my last picture i am going to share with you another LO of Zoe i did yesterday.

Today Zoe and i went to see journey to the centre of the earth 3D. it was great, i kept looking over to Zoe and she kept trying to grab the pictures as the 'jumped ' out of the screen. it was so cute!

30 October 2008

Day 30........

Well its girls night in on the Fiskars blog tonight. I have been checking it out every now and again and entering the challenges. Here is day 30 picture . one of the LO's i did it.

29 October 2008

Day 28 and 29.....

Raining here! yuck. this crazy weather....it was hot yesterday now freezing. but the plants need it. We have had lots of birds in the garden with the weather being like it is so took a pic of a few of them. here are my pictures for day 28 and 29.

the second picture is if the bouncy thing Zoe has in our garden i think they are called 'hoppers'?

27 October 2008

day 27....

Today not much happened. i went for a walk and had breakfast with rob, then housework. this evening i decided to start my Xmas cards. here is one of the for day 27.

Day 26...the clean up......

Today was clean up.

There was a big mess from the party and sparkles,streamers and all sorts of mess everywhere around the back yard. rob cleaned the outside while i tackled some of the inside. we got most of it done. while we were cleaning up i saw a spider on the eves near the spotlight out the back. I thought it was a plastic one till it moved! It was a HUGE funnel web spider!!!! I screamed not all spiders freak me out but this one can kill you in an hour with its bite! and i got rob to look. rob sprayed it with spider spray then whacked it down with the broom and stood on it many times!!

Those spiders give me the creeps! maybe it saw some of the plastic ones from Halloween and thought it was its lucky day,so came out of its web...who knows. As my mum says a good spider is a dead spider! well in Australia anyway!

Everyone was tired after cleaning so we relaxed. even the cats. and that is my day 26 picture, Loki and Osiris relaxing!

26 October 2008


Well the day has come and it is the Halloween Party. It is a week early but every ones jobs prevented us from having it next week. The weather is great and a lovely 29 oC. I have been running around all day making pumpkin pie, getting decorations up setting tables etc and Rob has been cleaning the yard mowing etc.

And what a great party we have had!!!

Everyone dressed up....well most people! a few mums decided that they would come as 'mummy's' LOL! but all in all a good turn out!

Food was eaten all up candy of course! BBQ was good,and the kids LOVED the glow sticks, bubbles etc.

I have many pics of the day so plenty for day 25!

How slack am i getting! Day 24 catchup.....

The last few days have been a buzz with excitement at our household,and most likely several other house holds also. It is our Halloween Party tomorrow!!! Zoe is counting down the day and is going nuts over the decorations etc. I have been carving pumpkins for the tables but you just CAN'T seem to get the 'traditional' pumpkins over here....unless you want to pay $20 each for them,and then they are crappy looking. So I tried butternut squash and Jap pumpkins to carve. Here is my pic for day 24. one of my carved pumpkins.

23 October 2008

Day 22 and 23 catch up...

Yesterday was very busy with work so i did not get around to post but i will make up for it today with 2 photos.

I would have loved to get a picture of the snow yesterday but by the time i got to Katoomba it was all gone. This weather is really weird, we had big hail the other day and then 30 oC and yesterday it snowed??!!?? crazy!

Today was also busy but most of my work for the week is done so i can sit down for a few Min's and catch up. I took a photo today of my new stamp that came in the post. it is a really cute owl by hero arts i love it! great for boy and girl cards.
My second picture is Zoe and Loki. they are always together!

so here are my 2 pictures....

21 October 2008

What a busy,busy day....21....

Today Zoe had an appointment with Dr Hardwick, just a check up. so we went to macas first and Zoe had her usual, then went off to penrith and visited spotlight and lincraft in search of Halloween stuff for the party on the weekend.

We managed to get some novelty things but no cape for Rob. But while in spotlight i noticed that they had HEAPS of reduced cloud 9 and Heidi grace stuff. so i went MAD!!! and that is my day 21 picture all of my bargains from spotlight. Most things were down to $1 how great!!

The rest of the day went well, Zoe got a good bill of health and all that was needed it for her to catch up with her reading and spelling. the Dr thought she should go to year 2 next year so that was good news.

We then went to Castle towers, did some more Halloween shopping...finally got the cape! YEAH!!! and went home.

What a busy day. Zoe is exhausted! Actually ...me too!

20 October 2008


Zoe had another remedial reading class today. She did quite well, she did reading, spelling and a few memory games. But Zoe got HEAPS of homework for this week, heads down tail up for Zoe!! LOL!!
When we got home there was a parcel for Zoe. It was her prize from the fiskars blog challenge, boy was she excited! Zoe is fascinated with the pop up punches!

This afternoon we had a big hail storm, i have not seen big hail for a while so i thought i would take a pic of it for today's picture!

19 October 2008

Day 18 and 19 together.......

I was sooooo busy yesterday that i forgot to post!

We had a friend of Zoe's birthday party to go to first thing in the morning, then went to penrith to shop a little, then went to Zoe's friend Alex's house for tea and card making. so we did not stop!

today my picture for day 18 would have to be Zoe in her cute outfit. Aunty jenny gave her the skirt and Aunty Claire and Uncle Matty brought the top and they match perfectly!

For day 19 I took a picture of a birthday card i made for Ben.

17 October 2008

day 17.....

Well i had a nice long walk to Winmalee shops and back today. 6km in all so good for exercise. On my way back i saw a lovely grevillea so i took a picture for day 17.

16 October 2008

day 16......

Today I thought that i would take a picture of osiris and loki. But all they wanted to do was chase each other around the garden. finally i got both them sitting still. they saw a bird!
so i quickly took the shot!

15 October 2008

Day 15....1/2 way there!

Today was my first day back to work. It was nice to get in the car and see my customers again and get back to my routine. I did not get much chance to take many photos so i took one of my button jars. it turned out OK except after looking at the pic i noticed that my shelves really need dusting!!! so that is a job for Friday!

14 October 2008

Day 14........

Went to the shops today, Zoe had a haircut,and went to the library. not a very interesting day but a good one to keep Zoe calm for school tomorrow.
It rained most of today, but we all know the garden needs it!
Day 14 picture is of the rain on the tree out the front of the house.

13 October 2008

Day 13.... back to school soon!

Well just a quick one today. Zoe goes back to school on Wednesday so she is making the most of DVDs! As our house rule is no DVDs during the week when you are at school, she is very much taking advantage of her last 2 days. Here she is relaxing in front of the TV.

Day 12..............

Planning any party is a big amount of energy and time but this year we want to have a Halloween party. and can i get Halloween papers etc to make invites? NO ! Australia is crap as far as this celebration is concerned!!! any way i managed to get some hero art stamps from eBay and have made some invites up. and they are my day 12 picture!

12 October 2008

Day 11......

Well kind of back to normal at our house. Robs mum and aunt's last day today before they head off to NZ. I did some work today and then we all went to my mum and dads to check out their new house they just moved in to. the place is really nice.

As usual my dad had a little too much to drink and started going on about how much he loved the creme brulee at restaurant Como in blaxland. i will not use the exact words he said but it was very blue!! Picture 11 is of my Dad!

10 October 2008

Day 10.... and Day 5 our last day of our holiday....

Today we went home. Back to 'normal' life for a few days. It was long drive home and everyone was tired. we decided to have sausages for Tea tonight as this was easy.

I picked up Osiris and Loki from the Cattery. Osiris was not impressed but Loki seemed OK. They had both been brushed and looked cute.

My day 10 picture is the 'cyclone' that had gone through my Craft room. Currently it is getting used as a guest room so it is a little weird not having 'my' space to myself. but its OK. i can still use the PC.

Day 9.....And day 4 of our holidays.....

Well today was quite a relaxing day. Rob,Zoe and I went to check out cathedral rocks, the beach called 'The Boneyard' and then Minnamurra Rainforest.

'The Boneyard was first on our list. It was a really rocky beach (like UK ones) and heaps of rock pools. Zoe got it in her head that she was going to find a 'waterhorse egg' (from the movie) and we spent ages 'looking' for one! we saw some little crabs,a green starfish and a urchin.

From this beach we could see the Cathedral Rock. It was quite spectacular!

Then We decided to get a different look at it so went to the other beach. Zoe decided to go for a swim and a play. She loves the water Sooooo much!

Zoe making a 'sand angel' is my day 9 picture.

Then we went to the rainforest. we were really lucky. As we were sitting having some lunch a diamond python started to slide by! It would have to been 2mtr long. It reared up a bit and the ranger told us to keep back as the snake was not impressed.

We also saw some lyrebirds. they are so pretty.

Our evening was finished with the whole family going to Cargo's restaurant to have Dinner.

Zoe and I had a Seafood platter. And Zoe ate every little bit!

Day 8..... and Day 3 of our holidays.....

Well........today's my birthday.....34 years young!!!

We all decided that we would venture to Jervis Bay and go on a whale watching cruise. I loved the idea but if i even look at boats i am sick! but with a few sea sick pills i convinced myself i would be OK.

We got on the boat and within 10 Min's we saw dolphins..Yeah!!!

Then further out we saw a single seal floating about. But by that time it was all over for me. I was feeling terrible! I made it out past the heads before being sick over the side of the boat. Totally missed the whales, except for a glance out of the corner of my eye while concentrating not to be sick again!

But all was not lost.

When we were back at the cottage in Kiama 4!!!!! whales swam by the cliff where we were. I got some great shots. And this will be my shot for Day 8.

Rob and I then in the evening went to Zoob's for pizza. they were awesome! if you are ever in Gerringong GO to get a pizza there!!!!

Day 7.......and Day 2 of our Holidays......

Day 2 of our holidays and we went to Berry. A little town about 30 min drive from Kiama.

We looked at all the shops and spent a little money.

While we were there Zoe caught a ladybug on her hand. this is my day 7 picture.

We then headed back to Kiama checked out the big blowhole, bought lovely fresh fish from the co-op and then took Zoe the the beach again, this time armed with a kite and cricket set.

Day 6......and day 1 of our holidays.....

Well we arrived at Kiama early afternoon on Monday and checked out our new home for the next 5 days. It was lovely,with a great view of the ocean. A little too far for my liking from the shops,but hey! that's what cars were made for!.

We checked out the little blowhole, which is the baby of the famous Kiama blowhole. then went for a walk to the shops., played a little on the beach and had a great time. I have several pictures for my day 6 picture!

Five days to catch up on!!!!

Well i left on Monday to go away to kiama. and i have just got back. what a week!!!
I have plenty of photos to add to my challenge and will add later on today.
I have one more important thing to before getting the photos loaded up. I have to pick up Osiris and Loki from the cattery! so will be back soon.

05 October 2008

A day at the Airport...day 5 picture.

Well today Robs mum, Anne and her sister, Nesta arrived from the UK.

Zoe was really excited to see Grannie Annie, but the excitement didn't stop her appetite!

Boy was Zoe hungry, by the time we got to the Airport.
She had 2 rice paper salmon rolls, my chips from MacDonald's and then a fruit smoothie, and after all that told me she was still hungry!

But all was well, Grannie Annie and Auntie Nesta arrived safe and giving Zoe masses of attention, and the hunger was soon forgotten!

04 October 2008

Day 4...wet weather.

Well it has been raining on and off all day today. i know the garden needs it but i wanted to get all my weeding done!

i thought that the yard looked lovely this afternoon all green and wet so that's my picture for day 4. my backyard!

03 October 2008

Day 3..and what a suprise for me!!!

Well I was not expecting to use this pic as my day 3 picture but how could i not! I was watering the plants this evening and as i watered the hanging strawberries 'something' moved in the basket!

It scared the living ####***!!@$% out of me!!! i watered a little more after screaming and saw this fella pop his head out. A pink tongue lizard....yes...not a spelling error..a pink tongue. they are a relative to the blue tongue lizard but native to Springwood, blue mountains. and boy are they feisty! this guy...who i have named Gerald...tried to bite the hose!

What an evening!

02 October 2008

A photo a day....day 2

Trying to get your camera and take something different each day is not an easy thing to do...and i am only on to day 2 !!!

Zoe has been talking about bees all day,so my mission take a picture of a bee. and those damn little creatures will not stay still to let me photograph them so many pics later i managed to get a few.

A photo a day...................

Well there is a challenge on the Fiskars ANZ blog and i have decided to put my picture a day here.

yesterday was day 1 and i took the usual picture. One of Zoe. She was scrapbooking in the craft room which is rare as usually we do the 'family' scraping in the dining room. Zoe was creating a page for the kids challenge on the Fiskars ANZ blog.