21 October 2008

What a busy,busy day....21....

Today Zoe had an appointment with Dr Hardwick, just a check up. so we went to macas first and Zoe had her usual, then went off to penrith and visited spotlight and lincraft in search of Halloween stuff for the party on the weekend.

We managed to get some novelty things but no cape for Rob. But while in spotlight i noticed that they had HEAPS of reduced cloud 9 and Heidi grace stuff. so i went MAD!!! and that is my day 21 picture all of my bargains from spotlight. Most things were down to $1 how great!!

The rest of the day went well, Zoe got a good bill of health and all that was needed it for her to catch up with her reading and spelling. the Dr thought she should go to year 2 next year so that was good news.

We then went to Castle towers, did some more Halloween shopping...finally got the cape! YEAH!!! and went home.

What a busy day. Zoe is exhausted! Actually ...me too!

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