10 October 2008

Day 8..... and Day 3 of our holidays.....

Well........today's my birthday.....34 years young!!!

We all decided that we would venture to Jervis Bay and go on a whale watching cruise. I loved the idea but if i even look at boats i am sick! but with a few sea sick pills i convinced myself i would be OK.

We got on the boat and within 10 Min's we saw dolphins..Yeah!!!

Then further out we saw a single seal floating about. But by that time it was all over for me. I was feeling terrible! I made it out past the heads before being sick over the side of the boat. Totally missed the whales, except for a glance out of the corner of my eye while concentrating not to be sick again!

But all was not lost.

When we were back at the cottage in Kiama 4!!!!! whales swam by the cliff where we were. I got some great shots. And this will be my shot for Day 8.

Rob and I then in the evening went to Zoob's for pizza. they were awesome! if you are ever in Gerringong GO to get a pizza there!!!!

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