10 October 2008

Day 9.....And day 4 of our holidays.....

Well today was quite a relaxing day. Rob,Zoe and I went to check out cathedral rocks, the beach called 'The Boneyard' and then Minnamurra Rainforest.

'The Boneyard was first on our list. It was a really rocky beach (like UK ones) and heaps of rock pools. Zoe got it in her head that she was going to find a 'waterhorse egg' (from the movie) and we spent ages 'looking' for one! we saw some little crabs,a green starfish and a urchin.

From this beach we could see the Cathedral Rock. It was quite spectacular!

Then We decided to get a different look at it so went to the other beach. Zoe decided to go for a swim and a play. She loves the water Sooooo much!

Zoe making a 'sand angel' is my day 9 picture.

Then we went to the rainforest. we were really lucky. As we were sitting having some lunch a diamond python started to slide by! It would have to been 2mtr long. It reared up a bit and the ranger told us to keep back as the snake was not impressed.

We also saw some lyrebirds. they are so pretty.

Our evening was finished with the whole family going to Cargo's restaurant to have Dinner.

Zoe and I had a Seafood platter. And Zoe ate every little bit!

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