27 October 2008

Day 26...the clean up......

Today was clean up.

There was a big mess from the party and sparkles,streamers and all sorts of mess everywhere around the back yard. rob cleaned the outside while i tackled some of the inside. we got most of it done. while we were cleaning up i saw a spider on the eves near the spotlight out the back. I thought it was a plastic one till it moved! It was a HUGE funnel web spider!!!! I screamed not all spiders freak me out but this one can kill you in an hour with its bite! and i got rob to look. rob sprayed it with spider spray then whacked it down with the broom and stood on it many times!!

Those spiders give me the creeps! maybe it saw some of the plastic ones from Halloween and thought it was its lucky day,so came out of its web...who knows. As my mum says a good spider is a dead spider! well in Australia anyway!

Everyone was tired after cleaning so we relaxed. even the cats. and that is my day 26 picture, Loki and Osiris relaxing!

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