22 April 2009

The FUNNIEST thing ever!!!!!!

Now, Rob has always had this...well you could call it a phobia about "things" flapping about his head, and over the past few years we have had a chuckle and even a BIG laugh at his expense when an unsuspecting moth/butterfly/bird comes along in Robs general direction and he freaks out. Over the past year rob has said to us that he has got over his fear of moths and such-like and has no problems with them at all now.
The following Video will disprove all this..........

This was taken at the wildlife world's butterfly house in darling harbour.
Everyone was in tears! From the moment we entered the room and Rob put on his beanie to 'protect' his ears, i had the camera on standby just...knowing this would happen.... GOLD!

20 April 2009

Royal Easter Show

Yesterday We went to the Easter Show. It was not a great day for it weather wise but We seemed to miss most of the rain.
I made Zoe a social story of what was going on at the show and what we were going to do through out the day. It made all the difference! Zoe was a lot calmer and understood where we were going and did not get upset.
Here are some of the pictures of our day.

Candy Floss..... what Zoe should NOT be eating!!!

Zoe and Rob as B1 and B2

Zoe Joined in at the Greens cake decorating stand
and made Rob and I, A cupcake and Cookie! YUM!

Zoe getting Purple Foils

For Easter Zoe had purple foils put in her hair. She loves every minute of being at the hair dressers!

Claire and Jon arrive.....

Claire and Jon arrived on Thursday and Zoe as usual was happy to see them. Zoe seems to be happy to see anyone who visits us, I think it may have something to do with the fact that see gets heaps of pressies!!!

anyway. so far we have taken them up to Katoomba, Jenolan Caves and not as exciting...Penrith. They both seem to be enjoying themselves.

Zoe is happy to have more people to play with. check out he video of Zoe playing with claire on the swing ball.

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Well my cake pops are no where NEAR as good as bakerellas cake pops ( check them out here... .http://bakerella.blogspot.com/search?q=hello+kitty ) but considering that i had to use ingredients that had no gluten,dairy, egg or anything artificial in them i did not do too badly!
and most of all Zoe loved them!

12 April 2009

Another Easter hat parade and Zoes Tearful farewell.

It is sad to see Zoe leave Richmond PS as she has achieved so much in the past 2 1/2 years there. but it is now time for her to move on to a new school which will challenge her more.
Zoe's fare well was held on the same day as the Easter hat parade at Richmond, Thursday.
Everyone brought a plate for the kids to eat and all the children in blue class made Zoe a card each. Both classes gave Zoe a bear with everyone signature on it and notes of good luck from the teachers. She was given some lovely books along with many other pressies from friends.
I brought the class 10 books to say thank you for all the effort they have put in with Zoe over the last few years. the kids loved them.
After the party was Easter hat parade. Zoe wore her bonnet again and looked cute as usual.
There were a lot of tears,not so much at school, Zoe like to keep a brave face in public, but when we got home Zoe was hugging the bear and crying that she would miss her class. and she has been like it since. still getting a little upset. I had to take the pictures around the neck of the bear off her cause she keep looking at them and crying.
It is so sad as Zoe really doesn't know anything else but Richmond, but she will make new friends and carry on. she will be OK in the end!

Easter hat parade at Base School

This week was Zoe's last week at Aspect. and the Richmond class.
She has come so far in just a few years, and now she is ready to move on to a normal main stream school and class. This week has been a fun fill ed time with party's and parades.
On Tuesday we all went to the base school for the annual Easter hat parade. Zoe made a bonnet out of doilies and paper. it was cute. there was a Easter egg hunt and face painting.

01 April 2009

Zoe on the tattered angel blog with her easter hat.

Zoe has 2 Easter hat parades to attend this year. she has the one at the base school with all of the different classes from Aspect on Tuesday and the another one on Thursday at Richmond public with her satellite class. so ....Zoe really wanted to make a great Easter hat. the notebook magazine had a great idea for a hat so Zoe got to work. she raided my stash of all things scrappy... and asked for some doilies, got me to cut her a REALLY big circle and then she started to spray it with my glimmer mists to get a great effect. i was not expecting her to use the glimmer mists but it was way more effective that i think paint would have been cause the colours are so pale, just right for Easter. When she had finished it we made some chicks out of pom poms and i photographed it for her. we will scrap the pics later!
I entered Zoe's hat in a giveaway on the tattered angel blog and she got a Honorable mention. there is the link-

And Zoe has won a little prize. I showed her on the blog this morning before school. she was SOOOO excited!!!

Like mother like Daughter i say!!!!