12 April 2009

Another Easter hat parade and Zoes Tearful farewell.

It is sad to see Zoe leave Richmond PS as she has achieved so much in the past 2 1/2 years there. but it is now time for her to move on to a new school which will challenge her more.
Zoe's fare well was held on the same day as the Easter hat parade at Richmond, Thursday.
Everyone brought a plate for the kids to eat and all the children in blue class made Zoe a card each. Both classes gave Zoe a bear with everyone signature on it and notes of good luck from the teachers. She was given some lovely books along with many other pressies from friends.
I brought the class 10 books to say thank you for all the effort they have put in with Zoe over the last few years. the kids loved them.
After the party was Easter hat parade. Zoe wore her bonnet again and looked cute as usual.
There were a lot of tears,not so much at school, Zoe like to keep a brave face in public, but when we got home Zoe was hugging the bear and crying that she would miss her class. and she has been like it since. still getting a little upset. I had to take the pictures around the neck of the bear off her cause she keep looking at them and crying.
It is so sad as Zoe really doesn't know anything else but Richmond, but she will make new friends and carry on. she will be OK in the end!

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Grannie Annie said...

Auntie Claire&Uncle Jon almost on their way to see you Zoe with LOTS of pressies. Have fun!