02 June 2013

Odd Idol Round 4 ! ...Yep thats right i made the top 10!!!!

So the winners of round 3 over at The Some Odd Girl Blog has been announced and i was one of the top 10!!!
 Yeah! im so excited!!!!!!
As you know i was not aloud to share my card during the voting or let anyone know which card was mine! but as the winners of round 3 have been announced im happy to share with you my entry for that round.

As you know the challenge was opposites. and i thought that the opposite for a birthday coloured card was a Halloween coloured card.

I really enjoyed colouring her in that little bit different!!! and as usual my clean ans simple design i thought made the image pop.

So now it is time for Round 4. which is Create a scene. OMG. i know what i want to do but ATM i have barnicles running round the place and i can never get a spare min to start to make the card!!!

If you would like to vote on round 4 you will need to head on over to the Some Odd Girl Ning Community join up or sign in and then click onto the Odd Idol voting tab.

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