30 June 2009

Poor Zoe shes sick.

Zoe had to be taken home from school yesterday. she was quite ill with a temperature. and typical i have heaps of work on! so mum had Zoe today and is also having her weds and Thurs, so i can get the rest of my work finished. but she looks so poorly. hopefully she Will get better soon. school holidays are only 2 weeks away and i have her booked in at selwood for science and a few play dates lines up.

23 June 2009

Kitty Bickies....

Zoe has been pestering me for Hello kitty biscuits for ages. i finally got a cutter off ebay and made some kitty bickies with gingerbread. not as good as i would have liked but i was limited with Zoe's allergies.

04 June 2009

Open Day at school.

Education week was a week or so ago and we got to go in to Zoe's classroom for open day. It was great to see all of the work she has done since starting up at Ellison Road.