28 December 2008

This ones for Nesta.....Robs new Apron!

Nesta gave Rob an Apron for Xmas...Yes you heard right,an apron.

Did we all ever see the day when Rob gets excited about something you use for cooking!!!!

But he LOVED it.

here he is using it to cook dinner last night.

Saying this though, Rob also got a Bunnings voucher (like B&Q) and a garden blower/Vacuum. He was also excited over this too!!!! Ha!

27 December 2008

Christmas part 2......

We all hopped in the car at 11 on Xmas day and went to visit mum and dad. Craig also joined us.

Zoe, surprise,surprise got another haul of pressies from mum and dad. She got a bike, although Craig seemed to enjoy it more than Zoe!!!

Zoe also got clothes, a microscope and other little things. Craig brought her a newborn cabbage patch doll which she has called Charlotte.

Rob brought the Wii to mums and dads. everyone loved it. Mum says she now wants one for her birthday, but don't play against her...Mum is really competitive and beat everyone!
Zoe really loved the boxing game but gave up quickly as it was too tiring for her. I videoed her playing!

We then had dinner and all stayed over for boxing day.

25 December 2008


Up at 6am this morning for a fun filled day of......Zoe opening pressies!!!! LOL!!!

Everyone rang and were online so Zoe got to say Hi to everyone. here are some pics of Zoe opening the first wave of pressies for her. Wave two to arrive at Nanna's in about 3 hours!!! Then Wave three of pressies on Boxing Day!

20 December 2008


I was at home yesterday and as i glanced out the window what should i see.........? Loki in the birdbath??!!!??? I know it was hot, but what was that cat thinking? Either Loki thought it was a good way to cool down (as the birdbath DID have water in it!) or he had some major wishful thinking that a Bird was going to mistake him for part of the birdbath and land on him!!

Who knows what that crazzzzy cat was thinking. I called him but he just lay there looking at me as if being in the birdbath was the most normal thing in the world! Weird Huh?

18 December 2008

The Big Day out at Homebush.

Keeoi managed to get tickets to the Big Day Out for special needs children which is an annual thing. Zoe had never been before so was really excited.

We all went together;Zoe, Hamish,Bradley Keeoi and myself.

There were lots of rides, food and fruit for the kids, which Zoe got really excited about(there was watermelon!) a farmyard,police cars to look at and...... Santa came to visit.

Zoe got so excited because Santa had a real beard. 'Mum!' she said 'I cant believe it is the real Santa!' 'He has a real beard so it must be him!!!' It was so cute.

She was given a pressy and got to have her photo taken with him.

It was a great day.

Now only 1 more day of school for Zoe and the Holidays....Good?? or Bad??? we shall see!

17 December 2008

Carols by Candlelight at Richmond PS.

Zoe's School at Richmond had Carols last night. Zoe was singing in several of the performances.
She sung beautifully!
Zoe was next to Ethan most of the time. She is really going to miss him. Ethan goes off to Main stream School next year.

All the parents got together we had a picnic and the kids played on the grass it was a really good evening.

Base School Christmas Concert.

We all traveled to the base school today for the big Christmas concert.
I took some pics of Zoe before the concert as she looked so grown up today with her braided.
Zoe wanted to have her pic taken in front of the tree.
She LOVE's the wall snowflake stickers her Uncle Craig gave her! They are from Bosco Bear...and they are removeable so we can use them every year!! How Cool!!!

Zoe was a turtle dove in the play. she has several lines to perform and had to read them herself. so that in itself was a big achievement for her to do.

All went well and she was beautiful as ever!!!! i braided her hair but they all wore their school hats! school policy!!!

Anyway, after the concert there was a surprise guest..... Santa came to visit! Zoe got to say hello to him and she got a show bag also. He was a very trendy Santa with sunglasses on!!!!

11 December 2008

Richmond PS presentation day.

Tuesday was Richmond PS presentation day. Zoe did not know it but she was getting an Academic award for achievement through the year. So Mum and I went to see her receive the award.

It was at the Richmond Bowling Club and the whole school was there. Zoe's name got called out and she went up to get the award.

I Was a very proud Mum!

One of Zoe's best friends;Ethan received the Beecroft award for improvement through the year. Zoe gave him lots of hugs!

It was a good day! Zoe is growing up soooo fast!!!!

09 December 2008

Rob's work picnic day.

On Friday we all went to Penrith Regatta centre for Rob's Works picnic day. They had put on rides free food...including candy floss YUM!, tattoos, water rides,and Taronga zoo had animals there. it was great fun.

Some of Rob's work friends were also there, Zoe played with Bridgette, Lochlan and Calib. We all got a little burnt but had lots of fun.

Big kids...

I thought i might share with everyone rob and his mate Phil 'playing' at Phil's daughters(Bridgette) gym party. they thought they would both have a go on the rope. It was funny watching them both trying to get out of the foam!

See for yourself!

30 November 2008

Rob.... still doing stupid things...

OK, We all say and do stuff that we think to ourselves....'did I say that out loud?' but
Rob seems to do it more than most. Just silly things when he doesn't think things through and relies on me to sort it allllll out!
Anyway Thursday night,we had a storm and as usual a blackout.
It just has to look like rain in the blue mountains and we seem to get blackouts!
When this happens I always unplug everything to ensure no surge issues during the night. Well i did this and unplugged everything including the PC.
4am the next morning, i get woken up by a confused looking Rob saying...'Tara the F##@**ing computer wont work!! get up and fix it please'
I said to him 'Rob i unplugged it because of the storm. just plug in the power board and the PC will come on.' and then went back to sleep.
10 Min's later, Rob comes storming in not happy i may add( apparently he had bills to pay online??!!) and said 'I've plugged in the damn power board and all i can get to work is the light?' 'get up and fix it!'
So i got up stumbled to the craft room, with no glasses on mind you, and proceeded to check out what the problem was.
And what should my eyes see???? Rob in his wisdom had plugged the power board in to the power board!!! So the damn thing was plugged into its self!! Man I was Pissed! then i had to laugh because if you know Rob that is such a 'Rob' thing to do!!!

Christmas is getting closer...

Is it just me but does Xmas seem to get closer between holidays that it use to? Is it the fact that in September Xmas decoration start going up in shopping centres and the really annoying Xmas songs start playing or is it just that as we get older we, unlike kids ,are not looking forward to Xmas as much as when we were 6 or 7? I suppose when you are 7 like Zoe 28 days to Xmas seems for forever, while i am running around like mad thinking 'shit! what am i going to buy Rob...oh god !i still have not sent the cards out to the UK yet....' There is always 101 things to go as an adult for Xmas along with your normal routine.

But while is is all going on around me, sometimes i forget the little things i am going to miss this Xmas.
It was Zoe yesterday that made me realize that all this running around, there is one important huge Void this year in our Xmas plans....Poppy.

Poppy passed away this year very suddenly and yes, I miss him every day, but it was Zoe who said just out of the blue, 'Mum? how are we going to get Poppy's Xmas pressy to heaven?'

So how do explain to a 7 yr old that poppy can't have pressys? I just said that santa will sort it all out for us.

But this little comment made me realize just how much I will miss him at the Xmas table this year.

21 November 2008

Thomas's birthday....

Zoe went to thomas's birthday party on sunday to the bear factory. she had a great time here are a few pics and a video.

What A fun Time!!!!

Busy few days

I have been getting my creative hat on these past few days. I want to apply for the design team with pink cat studio but need to give several cards and other stuff. i have been busy making cards but none quite seem good enough. i will pop a few for you to see.
The other big task has been making Halloween books for everyone who came to our party. I managed to now get 4 done but still have a few to do. I have posted a few pics of them. I hope everyone likes them.

12 November 2008

Halloween mini book

Well, I have just finished my first mini book for halloween. I thought i would make a few for everyone who came to my halloween party. It was hard to get supplies in oz but thanks to fiskars they sent me some samples of the halloween ranges they do not sell over here.
And below is the finished result.
I used laminate for the clear pages. it was cheaper that acrylic!!

08 November 2008

Not much to do around here!/poor osiris.....

Been busy this week but not much else to do so work at least pays! Saw a great photo opp with a spider yesterday so took a shot. not to bad. my macro Len's is great!

Osiris today was not her self so i went to pick her up and she cried. several hours later at the vets and my wallet over $200 lighter, poor Osiris she has been attacked by something and has a temperature and a hole in her side. fingers crossed she will get better vet said if not by her self by Monday she needs to go back. i hope not.

01 November 2008

Pink cat studio!

Just thought i would post a picture of a few cards i made using the same design but non xmas fiskars papers. i hope you like!

31 October 2008

Day 31 last day of the challenge...

Well today is the last day of the fiskars photo a day challenge. and for my last picture i am going to share with you another LO of Zoe i did yesterday.

Today Zoe and i went to see journey to the centre of the earth 3D. it was great, i kept looking over to Zoe and she kept trying to grab the pictures as the 'jumped ' out of the screen. it was so cute!

30 October 2008

Day 30........

Well its girls night in on the Fiskars blog tonight. I have been checking it out every now and again and entering the challenges. Here is day 30 picture . one of the LO's i did it.

29 October 2008

Day 28 and 29.....

Raining here! yuck. this crazy weather....it was hot yesterday now freezing. but the plants need it. We have had lots of birds in the garden with the weather being like it is so took a pic of a few of them. here are my pictures for day 28 and 29.

the second picture is if the bouncy thing Zoe has in our garden i think they are called 'hoppers'?

27 October 2008

day 27....

Today not much happened. i went for a walk and had breakfast with rob, then housework. this evening i decided to start my Xmas cards. here is one of the for day 27.

Day 26...the clean up......

Today was clean up.

There was a big mess from the party and sparkles,streamers and all sorts of mess everywhere around the back yard. rob cleaned the outside while i tackled some of the inside. we got most of it done. while we were cleaning up i saw a spider on the eves near the spotlight out the back. I thought it was a plastic one till it moved! It was a HUGE funnel web spider!!!! I screamed not all spiders freak me out but this one can kill you in an hour with its bite! and i got rob to look. rob sprayed it with spider spray then whacked it down with the broom and stood on it many times!!

Those spiders give me the creeps! maybe it saw some of the plastic ones from Halloween and thought it was its lucky day,so came out of its web...who knows. As my mum says a good spider is a dead spider! well in Australia anyway!

Everyone was tired after cleaning so we relaxed. even the cats. and that is my day 26 picture, Loki and Osiris relaxing!

26 October 2008


Well the day has come and it is the Halloween Party. It is a week early but every ones jobs prevented us from having it next week. The weather is great and a lovely 29 oC. I have been running around all day making pumpkin pie, getting decorations up setting tables etc and Rob has been cleaning the yard mowing etc.

And what a great party we have had!!!

Everyone dressed up....well most people! a few mums decided that they would come as 'mummy's' LOL! but all in all a good turn out!

Food was eaten all up candy of course! BBQ was good,and the kids LOVED the glow sticks, bubbles etc.

I have many pics of the day so plenty for day 25!