27 December 2008

Christmas part 2......

We all hopped in the car at 11 on Xmas day and went to visit mum and dad. Craig also joined us.

Zoe, surprise,surprise got another haul of pressies from mum and dad. She got a bike, although Craig seemed to enjoy it more than Zoe!!!

Zoe also got clothes, a microscope and other little things. Craig brought her a newborn cabbage patch doll which she has called Charlotte.

Rob brought the Wii to mums and dads. everyone loved it. Mum says she now wants one for her birthday, but don't play against her...Mum is really competitive and beat everyone!
Zoe really loved the boxing game but gave up quickly as it was too tiring for her. I videoed her playing!

We then had dinner and all stayed over for boxing day.

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