17 December 2008

Base School Christmas Concert.

We all traveled to the base school today for the big Christmas concert.
I took some pics of Zoe before the concert as she looked so grown up today with her braided.
Zoe wanted to have her pic taken in front of the tree.
She LOVE's the wall snowflake stickers her Uncle Craig gave her! They are from Bosco Bear...and they are removeable so we can use them every year!! How Cool!!!

Zoe was a turtle dove in the play. she has several lines to perform and had to read them herself. so that in itself was a big achievement for her to do.

All went well and she was beautiful as ever!!!! i braided her hair but they all wore their school hats! school policy!!!

Anyway, after the concert there was a surprise guest..... Santa came to visit! Zoe got to say hello to him and she got a show bag also. He was a very trendy Santa with sunglasses on!!!!

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