18 December 2008

The Big Day out at Homebush.

Keeoi managed to get tickets to the Big Day Out for special needs children which is an annual thing. Zoe had never been before so was really excited.

We all went together;Zoe, Hamish,Bradley Keeoi and myself.

There were lots of rides, food and fruit for the kids, which Zoe got really excited about(there was watermelon!) a farmyard,police cars to look at and...... Santa came to visit.

Zoe got so excited because Santa had a real beard. 'Mum!' she said 'I cant believe it is the real Santa!' 'He has a real beard so it must be him!!!' It was so cute.

She was given a pressy and got to have her photo taken with him.

It was a great day.

Now only 1 more day of school for Zoe and the Holidays....Good?? or Bad??? we shall see!

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