20 December 2008


I was at home yesterday and as i glanced out the window what should i see.........? Loki in the birdbath??!!!??? I know it was hot, but what was that cat thinking? Either Loki thought it was a good way to cool down (as the birdbath DID have water in it!) or he had some major wishful thinking that a Bird was going to mistake him for part of the birdbath and land on him!!

Who knows what that crazzzzy cat was thinking. I called him but he just lay there looking at me as if being in the birdbath was the most normal thing in the world! Weird Huh?

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nesta said...

Love the photp of Loki in the birdbath. Hathaw sends her love - photo to follow shortly. Hope your Xmas prezzies have arrived ok & in one piece. Have a lovely Xmas & New Year. Regards to your parents too. Love Nesta XXX