24 December 2009

christmas table

I have finally finished my place mats for xmas and if i do say myself they look great! i set the table to see how it looked and it is just right. I made some napkin rings from kaiser craft paper and my Fiskars apron lace punch and also made matching coasters and name cards.

doesn't took too bad! with the crackers added it is getting to look a lot like Christmas LOL!!

plus Shhhhh!!!! one of the crackers has a bit of A BANG IN IT....... i just happened to put an extra 20 poppers in my brothers cracker!!Heeeeee!!!!!!! video camera on standby for this one!

Look what Zoe and I won!

Zoe and i entered a competition for Fiskars to make some wrapping paper with the stamp factory and Zoe and I won!!! the prize arrived the other day and up until now i did not get time to post but here you are! Zoe opening the parcel from Fiskars. She was SOOOOOO excited and we got loads of great goodies.
Thank you Fiskars!!!!

21 December 2009

My wishblade..this is for you PCS!!

Well over the past years i have made many items with my wishblade but for you PCS here are my 3 favorite cards i have designed and made with my create and cut software.

18 December 2009

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas.

Well the 12 tags of xmas from tim holtz have finally finished. and it is a little bit sad. there were lots of techniques that were shared and the finished result was lots of fun to make.
if you would like to check it out here is the link.. www.timholtz.typepad.com
here are my 12 finished tags.

08 December 2009

A Copic Christmas

I have just coloured in a lovely picture i downloaded from the i like markers blog. There is a great giveaway on there and i thought that i would enter and colour in the pic. and here it is! Boy i love my copic markers!!!! mind you o would also love for the ciao markers to fit the air brush system but alas they do not fit!

Zoe is a winner!!!!!

Once again Zoe has shown how she is just like me! she has won the kids layout challenge through the kaisercraft blog. here is the link http://www.kaisercraft.net/blog/page/2/

and here is the layout.

22 November 2009

My special advent calendar.

I brought a few weeks ago online from http://www.123scrapbook.com.au/ a Kaisercraft Advent Calendar.
I thought it was a GREAT idea as Zoe cannot have the cardboard ones with choc in them.
So i purchased also the whole Belle collection of papers etc that Kaisercraft had just brought out in their Q2 collection and got to work.
I put the whole thing together and then painted it with a Burgundy paint from Jo Sonja,then covered sections with the bell paper and painted over this with rock candy distress paint to give the crackled look. then i rubbed in some distress ink in walnut stain to give the "old" look.
Then varnished the whole lot to protect it.
I made the little drawers ,covered them and painted the insides of each,and again varnished them.
I cut out parts of the paper cut and paste to give dimension(though you cant really see it in the pic.) glittered the numbers and covered with glossy accents. and finished off with a glitter title.
I also made a Xmas sign that i won 2 years ago and never got around to cover so again covered with Kaisercraft papers distressed with sandpaper inked and added a few embellishments.
They look great on my bookcase!

15 November 2009

A meal with Fiskars.....

Fiskars has a challenge every month and this month it was to select several items from a list of 'food' and create a 'menu as such. then we received the scrapping equivalent and had to create a layout with the items given.

my menu was follows...... Potato wedges, baked lemon fish, steamed broccoli and carrots and a cheesecake.

These items gave me........ an 8 1/2 x 11 inch layout, using red,white and black colours, cardboard and paint, 4 patterned papers and optional extra card if needed.
So I decided to put together a LO for Zoe's teacher who came to our annual Halloween party this year.
I used fiskars trimmer to cut the patterned papers and my may flowers small squeeze punch to cut out the 'star' shapes on the right side of the LO. I also used Fiskars ink by steph papers(the 4 patterned ones) Tim holtz picket fence distress paint, distress ink in fired brick and black soot, a couple of rubons then to finish off American crafts black glitter alphabet and some wiggly eyes to make it 'LOOK' at you.
what do you think????

04 November 2009

well halloween is over.....(ohhhhh...)

Halloween is over and the mess is all cleared up. telling by the amount of recycling we had(it could fill the recycle bin twice over!) every surely had a great time.
Sugar withdrawal has now kicked in for the kids too, i am sure so a moody week will be my prediction for all parents involved!!
We had so many Fantastic costumes at the party. and i will be sharing them next post.

29 October 2009

spooky sweets...

Here are a few pics of the goodies bags i have made the kids coming. white candy floss for the allergy kids and pezzy type lollies for the kids who are not allergic.

27 October 2009

Costume sneak peek....

Here is a sneak peek on my costume for the Halloween party. I made it on the weekend.
more to come over the rest of the week.

25 October 2009

Zoe and her pancakes

Zoe wanted Pancakes yesterday for breakfast so i make some for her and she placed them and put the syrup on them. they looked so good i had to take a pic.

It's that time of the year again....

Well, my favorite time of the year is upon us and the preparations started several weeks ago.

Yep! it's HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!

I Will be posting sneak peeks of our festivities to be over the next week.

14 September 2009

It doesn't stop at the Capewell household.......

Well since we got back from the holiday we all have not stopped. Zoe has had 3 birthday parties to go to in the last two weeks and this doesn't even include her birthday, Rob's birthday or fathers day. then 6 days after we got home Lou.Jon and Liam arrived from the UK. so busy busy busy!!! Here are some of the pics from the past few weeks.Zoe as Pichathu from pokemon.

Zoes birthday.

Liam wearing Rob's fire hat.

Happy in OZ.

Zoe and Liam Asleep( well not really Zoe was posing for the camera!!!)

Swimming with Liam and Jon.Zoe and Liam.

02 August 2009

THE SECRET IS OUT.............

The secret is out........ we are in the UK!!!!!!!! to surprise jenny at her wedding. and we did the surprise yesterday. to see the rest of our holiday go to.....

25 July 2009

School holidays to an end.

Zoe goes back to school on Monday. i will be glad to get the routine back with her at school.
She has had a good break and even though the report card was not fantastic we are going to work on it this term. She has come a long way this term and had to cope with a lot of issues going from a special unit to a normal school. next term will be even better!

16 July 2009

off to time to play

Zoe is meeting up with a few of her friends from Richmond PS today. we are all going to time to play in Richmond. Zoe is really looking forward to seeing her friends. she said to me last night she had to be careful as she would have happy tears but did not want fer friends to get upset that they were sad tears! Zoe is so cute!

14 July 2009

Loki made it...minus a tail.

Loki is back home from hospital now minus a tail. everything went well. no internal injuries or nerve damage but the tail could not be saved so the vet amputated it about 2 inches from the base. he looks a little odd but Zoe says he is just like hello kitty now.
he is back to his usual self ...wanting food!
that cat is SO lucky. i do not think he has many lives left though!

09 July 2009

Praying for Loki....

Today I came home to find Loki on my front verandah with a limp and bloody tail. Not sure what had happened i took Loki to the Vet.

Loki had been run over by a car. Completely snapped his tail(which as hanging by just some fur) when the car ran over him.

Loki is now at the vets. Blood tests found that he has no internal injuries but they are waiting to see if there is any nerve damage where the car hit him.

We won't know if there is damage until he manages to wee or poo.
If he can do both of these then Loki should be ok with surgery to remove his tail.

Loki is such a big part of our family i would hate to have to let him go.

Please keep your fingers crossed for him.

30 June 2009

Poor Zoe shes sick.

Zoe had to be taken home from school yesterday. she was quite ill with a temperature. and typical i have heaps of work on! so mum had Zoe today and is also having her weds and Thurs, so i can get the rest of my work finished. but she looks so poorly. hopefully she Will get better soon. school holidays are only 2 weeks away and i have her booked in at selwood for science and a few play dates lines up.

23 June 2009

Kitty Bickies....

Zoe has been pestering me for Hello kitty biscuits for ages. i finally got a cutter off ebay and made some kitty bickies with gingerbread. not as good as i would have liked but i was limited with Zoe's allergies.

04 June 2009

Open Day at school.

Education week was a week or so ago and we got to go in to Zoe's classroom for open day. It was great to see all of the work she has done since starting up at Ellison Road.

21 May 2009

Zoe and the star of the week award!

Zoe was star of the week at her new school today. She was so excited to tell me.

Zoe got a certificate and a trophy to put on her table all week. Also she gets to lead the line for class too.

Yesterday she had to do a maths test ans Zoe got 100% which is not surprising as she told me that it was 'easy as' mum!

Last week Zoe went to the Dyslexia clinic. Zoe was found to have dyslexia so we now need to get special glasses for her. At the moment she is using blue coloured sheets over the work to read bet will get glasses that are tinted soon.

It is just another thing Zoe will have to deal with but now we know her reading should improve.

22 April 2009

The FUNNIEST thing ever!!!!!!

Now, Rob has always had this...well you could call it a phobia about "things" flapping about his head, and over the past few years we have had a chuckle and even a BIG laugh at his expense when an unsuspecting moth/butterfly/bird comes along in Robs general direction and he freaks out. Over the past year rob has said to us that he has got over his fear of moths and such-like and has no problems with them at all now.
The following Video will disprove all this..........

This was taken at the wildlife world's butterfly house in darling harbour.
Everyone was in tears! From the moment we entered the room and Rob put on his beanie to 'protect' his ears, i had the camera on standby just...knowing this would happen.... GOLD!

20 April 2009

Royal Easter Show

Yesterday We went to the Easter Show. It was not a great day for it weather wise but We seemed to miss most of the rain.
I made Zoe a social story of what was going on at the show and what we were going to do through out the day. It made all the difference! Zoe was a lot calmer and understood where we were going and did not get upset.
Here are some of the pictures of our day.

Candy Floss..... what Zoe should NOT be eating!!!

Zoe and Rob as B1 and B2

Zoe Joined in at the Greens cake decorating stand
and made Rob and I, A cupcake and Cookie! YUM!

Zoe getting Purple Foils

For Easter Zoe had purple foils put in her hair. She loves every minute of being at the hair dressers!