27 January 2009

Australia Day!

Another Australia Day is upon us and as usual we spent it with Mum and Dad.

This year was Rob's 1st Australia Day as an Aussie!!!!! YEAH!!!!
We went to Glenbrook park in the morning to check out the festivities, Zoe painted a gnome (long story... the Gnome convention is held on Australia day also!), got her hair painted, coloured in etc. and looked at all the market stalls and animials. Then we went home for lunch.
I made Damper, Aussie Burgers, Pavlova and brought a lamington roulade. all tasted great. Zoe had not had Pavlova before and even though i did not put the cream on it (for Zoe's benefit) It still had raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, kiwi fruit and passionfruit on it. YUM!!! and Zoe thought so too; check out her eating it!

We played the Wii bowling and golf, and Dad had a few glasses of red wine as usuall. but he was the only one drinking so he did not drink too much!

It was a good Australia Day.

22 January 2009

Check it out... Bella Blvd new sneek peeks!!!!

here is the link... the party cupcakes are sooo cute! and also the candles!!!!

18 January 2009

scrapbooking galore!

With a lot of effort......( i never!!! finish pages i start!) i have finally finished a few of my"put into the cupboard till i get inspiration" pages.
Yesterday i had nothing much to do, rob was at work, Zoe was colouring and cutting out pictures so i thought i would start watching 24 on the PC and finish some of my pages. Plus i also created a page for a Prima competition called' the Frugal scrapper' which involved me using the packaging of prima products. I decided to use the card from my 'say it in crystals' product. It was polka dots so went well with Zoe's R'n'R pictures.

12 January 2009

Its just another day in paradise........

We went to the pool the other day. I finally got Rob's phone off him with these clips and pictures on them.

Over the last week or so it has gotten up to 40 oC so hot! Hot! HOT! but then the next it may be really cold! the weather is Mad!!!

Anyway Zoe went for a swim with Hamish and Bradley from school and showed off their swimming skills that they have learnt over the last year of lessons.

They has swimming 'Olympics' and had freestyle,torpedo(diving),backstroke and swimming under the floaty Races. They also wanted to race against rob!! Which really is not that hard!!!

It was a good afternoon and no one got burnt as we all Slip,Slop,Slapped!

11 January 2009

Rock 'n Roll is Back.......

Zoe was invited to a Rock' N 'Roll party yesterday. At first i just thought ,'hey,great music' but realized that rock 'n roll meant i had to make a costume! So off I went to Lincraft to pick up the cheapest materials i could find,a pattern and a top for Zoe to look the part.
$50.00 later i had the materials... that was it. Looking back in it, it would have been cheaper to hire a costume but i suppose Zoe has the outfit forever now.

So i made a long 'poodle' skirt. Zoe wanted a cat not a poodle so appliqued one out of felt on to the skirt. added a 'bling' collar on it, then made a net petticoat to go under. then as i could not get a large elastic belt in black i make a large black 'headband' that Zoe could wear around the waist that looked the part. All in all Zoe looked great and at the party had a great time, managed to spill food and drink on the skirt,much to my despair, then started to climb a tree an the equipment with the boys that were there and ripped the skirt in 2 places!!! she is such a tomboy!

03 January 2009

Not much happening around here.....

After all the Xmas buzz there is not much happening around here at the moment.
Rob is mad for the Lego star wars sagas and even is coming home from work late and still having an hour of play before bed. Our grass gets longer by the day as he spends 'gardening' time playing star wars!
I must admit it is a little addictive and you can shoot and hit the characters you don't like..HeeHeeHEE!!!! And as i cannot stand Jar Jar Bink's.... (and don't say you out there in blog land don't want to shoot him! we all know that we all cant stand that annoying character that Lucas put in his films!) I get to shoot him over and over again! the game is worth the money just for that alone!!!LOL!!!
Sorry for me going on a bit there,as i said there is nothing going on here!

Just a quick one also...thanks to everyone that brought Zoe pressies for Xmas. You should be receiving your thank yous in the post soon. And jenny, Claire,Helen Lou and Anne. keep an eye out as i have made up some calenders for you all with Zoe's art work from last year for each month.