12 January 2009

Its just another day in paradise........

We went to the pool the other day. I finally got Rob's phone off him with these clips and pictures on them.

Over the last week or so it has gotten up to 40 oC so hot! Hot! HOT! but then the next it may be really cold! the weather is Mad!!!

Anyway Zoe went for a swim with Hamish and Bradley from school and showed off their swimming skills that they have learnt over the last year of lessons.

They has swimming 'Olympics' and had freestyle,torpedo(diving),backstroke and swimming under the floaty Races. They also wanted to race against rob!! Which really is not that hard!!!

It was a good afternoon and no one got burnt as we all Slip,Slop,Slapped!


nesta said...

Well hello suckers to you as well! So cold & windy here. I have just come back from Marrakech which was a tad warmer than Wales. Poor Dave having to eat (without complaining) Moroccan grub. I brought back spices to replace OXO cubes - his mum wouldn't do such a thing! Keep the videos coming - it's like being there (almost!)

grannie annie said...

LOVE the pic of Zoe playing piano.Happy days! lots of luv