06 November 2016

Foiling 101.

*Nothing to Disclose. I am not affiliated with Heidi Swapp or American Crafts.

Foiling has become very popular in the past 12 months. Many companies have brought out different products to foil with.
Heidi Swapp brought out the Minc Machine. This is a tool that will apply foil on your projects by using heat and toner. The process appears to be simple but there is a little  "science" behind getting a perfect finish.

I currently help Admin a group on Facebook called Heidi Swapp Minc. In this group we have many different people from beginners to people who have been foiling for years.

One of the most common questions in the group is " Why does my project have black spots?" or " why is the foil not going on my whole project?"
These are legitimate questions and to understand why this is happening to your project, you need to understand how the Heidi Swapp Minc machine works and how the printer, toner, cardboard/media you use make a huge impact to the finished project.