25 July 2009

School holidays to an end.

Zoe goes back to school on Monday. i will be glad to get the routine back with her at school.
She has had a good break and even though the report card was not fantastic we are going to work on it this term. She has come a long way this term and had to cope with a lot of issues going from a special unit to a normal school. next term will be even better!

16 July 2009

off to time to play

Zoe is meeting up with a few of her friends from Richmond PS today. we are all going to time to play in Richmond. Zoe is really looking forward to seeing her friends. she said to me last night she had to be careful as she would have happy tears but did not want fer friends to get upset that they were sad tears! Zoe is so cute!

14 July 2009

Loki made it...minus a tail.

Loki is back home from hospital now minus a tail. everything went well. no internal injuries or nerve damage but the tail could not be saved so the vet amputated it about 2 inches from the base. he looks a little odd but Zoe says he is just like hello kitty now.
he is back to his usual self ...wanting food!
that cat is SO lucky. i do not think he has many lives left though!

09 July 2009

Praying for Loki....

Today I came home to find Loki on my front verandah with a limp and bloody tail. Not sure what had happened i took Loki to the Vet.

Loki had been run over by a car. Completely snapped his tail(which as hanging by just some fur) when the car ran over him.

Loki is now at the vets. Blood tests found that he has no internal injuries but they are waiting to see if there is any nerve damage where the car hit him.

We won't know if there is damage until he manages to wee or poo.
If he can do both of these then Loki should be ok with surgery to remove his tail.

Loki is such a big part of our family i would hate to have to let him go.

Please keep your fingers crossed for him.