09 July 2009

Praying for Loki....

Today I came home to find Loki on my front verandah with a limp and bloody tail. Not sure what had happened i took Loki to the Vet.

Loki had been run over by a car. Completely snapped his tail(which as hanging by just some fur) when the car ran over him.

Loki is now at the vets. Blood tests found that he has no internal injuries but they are waiting to see if there is any nerve damage where the car hit him.

We won't know if there is damage until he manages to wee or poo.
If he can do both of these then Loki should be ok with surgery to remove his tail.

Loki is such a big part of our family i would hate to have to let him go.

Please keep your fingers crossed for him.


Claire, Matty and Ioan said...

Oh poor little mite - hope he'll be ok xx

Emily Leiphart said...

Oh, poor Loki! I hope he's okay and doing better. :)