21 May 2009

Zoe and the star of the week award!

Zoe was star of the week at her new school today. She was so excited to tell me.

Zoe got a certificate and a trophy to put on her table all week. Also she gets to lead the line for class too.

Yesterday she had to do a maths test ans Zoe got 100% which is not surprising as she told me that it was 'easy as' mum!

Last week Zoe went to the Dyslexia clinic. Zoe was found to have dyslexia so we now need to get special glasses for her. At the moment she is using blue coloured sheets over the work to read bet will get glasses that are tinted soon.

It is just another thing Zoe will have to deal with but now we know her reading should improve.

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Grannie Annie said...

LOTS of famous people have dyslexia Zoe including princesses & famous racing drvers!! So don't worry about that.