30 November 2008

Christmas is getting closer...

Is it just me but does Xmas seem to get closer between holidays that it use to? Is it the fact that in September Xmas decoration start going up in shopping centres and the really annoying Xmas songs start playing or is it just that as we get older we, unlike kids ,are not looking forward to Xmas as much as when we were 6 or 7? I suppose when you are 7 like Zoe 28 days to Xmas seems for forever, while i am running around like mad thinking 'shit! what am i going to buy Rob...oh god !i still have not sent the cards out to the UK yet....' There is always 101 things to go as an adult for Xmas along with your normal routine.

But while is is all going on around me, sometimes i forget the little things i am going to miss this Xmas.
It was Zoe yesterday that made me realize that all this running around, there is one important huge Void this year in our Xmas plans....Poppy.

Poppy passed away this year very suddenly and yes, I miss him every day, but it was Zoe who said just out of the blue, 'Mum? how are we going to get Poppy's Xmas pressy to heaven?'

So how do explain to a 7 yr old that poppy can't have pressys? I just said that santa will sort it all out for us.

But this little comment made me realize just how much I will miss him at the Xmas table this year.

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