30 November 2008

Rob.... still doing stupid things...

OK, We all say and do stuff that we think to ourselves....'did I say that out loud?' but
Rob seems to do it more than most. Just silly things when he doesn't think things through and relies on me to sort it allllll out!
Anyway Thursday night,we had a storm and as usual a blackout.
It just has to look like rain in the blue mountains and we seem to get blackouts!
When this happens I always unplug everything to ensure no surge issues during the night. Well i did this and unplugged everything including the PC.
4am the next morning, i get woken up by a confused looking Rob saying...'Tara the F##@**ing computer wont work!! get up and fix it please'
I said to him 'Rob i unplugged it because of the storm. just plug in the power board and the PC will come on.' and then went back to sleep.
10 Min's later, Rob comes storming in not happy i may add( apparently he had bills to pay online??!!) and said 'I've plugged in the damn power board and all i can get to work is the light?' 'get up and fix it!'
So i got up stumbled to the craft room, with no glasses on mind you, and proceeded to check out what the problem was.
And what should my eyes see???? Rob in his wisdom had plugged the power board in to the power board!!! So the damn thing was plugged into its self!! Man I was Pissed! then i had to laugh because if you know Rob that is such a 'Rob' thing to do!!!


Claire, Matty and Ioan said...

Matty says 'cock'!!!

Claire, Matty and Ioan said...

More politely, thank you for Ioan's pressie it arrived safely on Friday. Loved the card too x