26 October 2008


Well the day has come and it is the Halloween Party. It is a week early but every ones jobs prevented us from having it next week. The weather is great and a lovely 29 oC. I have been running around all day making pumpkin pie, getting decorations up setting tables etc and Rob has been cleaning the yard mowing etc.

And what a great party we have had!!!

Everyone dressed up....well most people! a few mums decided that they would come as 'mummy's' LOL! but all in all a good turn out!

Food was eaten all up candy of course! BBQ was good,and the kids LOVED the glow sticks, bubbles etc.

I have many pics of the day so plenty for day 25!


Claire said...

Looking good Rob, got to say an improvement to how you normally look!!!! If you had gone as you are though you would have made the children cry with your face!!! ha ha

osirisandloki said...

hence the mask!!!