17 February 2010

Swimming Carnival.

Zoe had her first swimming carnival on Monday for Ellison road PS. she was really nervous as she has not had the chance to go to this kind of thing before and Zoe is not a strong swimmer. but she went in the lizard lane 6 times(6 x 25mtr) and went into the novelty races.
then Zoe decided to swim to earn a point for her house team and went into the 25mtr race. she came last but we don't care it was the fact that Zoe gave it a go that i was so proud of her!! the teachers aide also swam beside Zoe in case she struggled.
here r the pics.


Anonymous said...

You are a very smart person!

Caroline and Jayne said...

great photos and i love the cards in the post below x

Caroline and Jayne said...

Congratulations Zoe xx I know how difficult this must be as I've just been watching my 5 yr old daughter on her 2nd swimming lesson...They made them go in the Deep pool and this must of terrified my daughter..ok she had a float but it was scary. I was so proud too.
Looked like fun & my daughter loved the pics too x