19 April 2012

Fiskars interchangeable border punch lattice tutorial

Hello there everyone!
Today I am going to share with you a tutorial on how to make a lattice type background using yourFiskars interchangeable border punch and the cartridge dream weaving.
First you need to grab a piece of patterned or plain paper 6 x 6 inches square. you can do different sizes but this size when folding seems to work well. when you pick your paper make sure it is not too thick other wise you will not be able to punch double.
Fold your paper in 1/2 and pop in the punch.
Next punch along your paper almost to the end on both sides but not quite.Open the paper up.
Next, fold the outside edge into the middle of the paper.
Put the folded edge into the punch and once again lunch to almost the edge on both sides.
Open the paper up and do the same thing on the other side.
Once you have done this you can trim the paper to fit your card.
With my card i used Helmars liquid scrap dots (i am in love with this product!) and attached my lattice to my card so it was raised up.
Then all i needed to do was decorate the card! 
I used My Fiskars jenni Bowlin jester border punch for the tab to put the sentiment on. The sentiment is from Paper Smooches. I used Fiskars oak leaf squeeze punch and a Die to cut out the Felt heart.
The Stamped image is from Some odd girl and i coloured with copics.
With the different colours behind the lattice i made it becomes quite an effective background.
Just remember.....
* Do not use to thick paper or scrapbooking paper as it will be too hard to punch.
* When folding your paper to punch you do not have to crease it just fold enough to fit in the punch.
* THink about what colour you are going to use when punching as the patter can get lost in the papers pattern.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have a go!



Jay Gee said...

This looks fabulous Tara - great tutorial and great result! Love this card :)

Jessica Theodore said...

Thanks for sharing this great technique! Love your finished card too, great colouring :)