22 July 2012

Making Gumball

My daughter poppy just loves the cartoon - The amazing world of Gumball on the cartoon network. She will sit there for an hour and watch the show! Her favorite character is Gumball which is a silly blue cat that goes to high school and is always getting into trouble with his brother Darwin the fish...i know weird huh! but the kids are crazy for this show!!!
Here is gumball and Darwin.


I have looked high and low for the toys to buy Poppy but apparently they do not make them, so i thought i would make Gumball for Poppy.
I went to my local spotlight store and brought a bunch of polar fleece material. in total i needed about 1/2 metre to make a 46cm toy.
Then with my Fiskars Pinking shears i cut out the fleece. I made sure i cut out it with the wrong side of the fabric as the "right side"as i want the fluffy bit to be his fur.


As you can see in my picture have sewn several colours together before cutting Gumball out. this is so his clothes are incorporated in to his body...less for Poppy to destroy!
Once i had done this i cut with my Donna Dewberry fabric scissors some felt eyes mouth etc for Gumball.


Then i hand stitched them on to his head and added eyebrows and whiskers.

Next i sewed together, his arms,legs ears and tail. I put stuffing in the limbs and then joined the back half of Gumball with his tail making sure all my colours lined up.


I joined up the front with the head,ears,arms and legs. then pinned him together and ran him through the machine all but the bottom there his tail was so i could stuff him.
I stuffed Gumball( i use old pillow filling. when a pillow has run its course i wash them and keep them for stuffing) and hand stitched the opening shut using a ladder stitch.
And here is Gumball.



He does not look too bad! and Poppy loved him when i gave it to her this morning!
I got the basic pattern from Elfpop it was just a cat pattern for $10.00 and then i changed it up to make gumball. 

Tara :)


Jay Gee said...

Your so clever Tara, he looks amazing :)

Anonymous said...

this is so creative! i love it! i have to try it, great blog girl :)