21 September 2012

Zoe is a viking!

hello everyone!
you can make more than cards with Fiskars!......i made a viking!
Astrid from how to train your dragon to be exact.
Zoe had her book week parade today and the theme was Champions. So Zoe decided she would go as Astrid. she is a Champion in the book and the movie for helping save Toothless the dragons life.
And with anything i seem to make or create, my Fiskars tools come out in full force to help me out.
Here is a pic of Zoe's costume.
First up were her boots. To make these i took an old pair of uggs and some fur fabric, then using my Fiskars rotary trimmer cut the fur to fit the tops of her boots. And of course i used my Fiskars Cutting mat!
Next up were Zoe's shoulder pads.
P1030008 copy

To make these i used my Fiskars trimmer to cut 1 inch bits of silver card stock.When i had enough i put them all together and used my Fiskars sprung loaded hole punch and setters. They are great if you do not want to use a hammer. Then i just popped a brad though and fanned the card out. add a skull and done!
Last was Zoe's Viking skirt.
P1030010 copy
This used quite a few Fiskars tools!
I used my Fiskars trimmer and Scissors to cut the panels, then Zoe took the small circle squeeze punch and cut out a bunch of silver circles to glue on the panels. To tie all the panels together to make a skirt i grabbed my Fiskars leave it to Weaver border punch and punched the top of all the panels then thread through brown ribbon to tie it all together.
What i thought was going to be a nightmare to make was so much easier with a few Fiskars tools.
When you think of your Fiskars tools sometimes if you think outside the box you will see another 100 uses for them like i did today!
Tara :)

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Tintin said...

This is so adorable reminds me of the movie How To Train Your Dragon.