23 December 2013

Zoes graduation.

Hi there everyone!

So it has just been non stop on the household lately, never ending visits to docs and the whole year 6 end of primary school whirlwind. 

I wanted to share with you tho some pics of my daughters graduation. Zoe just finished Year 6. And it is amazing how much she has grown up in these few years.

From a little kindy kid.......

Zoes first day at school 2007
To this week at her graduation.......

Year 6 graduation 2013
To think that we thought she may never go into a main stream school and stay in a special needs unit. But after a few years in the unit for autistic kids at Richmond, she transitioned out into Ellison PS and thrived!
She is so grown up! a smart ass and has her own quirky sense of style. Hence the 1950s pin up look for a graduation.(and what you cannot see is shes wearing converse!)

Zoe has become quite an artist. one of her drawings was sent to Japan for an exhibition this year, and once it returns to the school, the school are framing it and putting it on their wall in the office. She is so excited about that!

Here are some more graduation pics.

Zoes outfit.

giving her dad a huge hug!

Loki dressed up for the occasion too!

zoe with her friends Kataryina,Ashley and Courtney.

The 3 of us.

Zoes locks from the back.
 She had a great night!!!!!!
I still cannot get over how grown up she it getting!!!

Until next time........

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