24 February 2009

Bootcamp Crop.....(i have been a busy,busy gal!!!)

So, i Have not put many pics up at the moment because i have been camera less for the past um....4 weeks now. It feels like someone has taken a body part. I am soooo use to having my camera EVERYWHERE with me that i even resorted to using Zoe's 3MP digital camera for the bug shots last post. and the quality is just not the same.
I Could get out my old SLR but ...FILM?????!!!! That takes way tooo long.
Anyway to fill a void that was photography, i have joined in a Crop Boot camp. I have to produce 25 LO between 15th Feb and the 6th March. easy, i hear you say, well on average a LO (layout) takes me 1/2 a day. Between running around for Zoe ...and Rob. cleaning cooking etc.i dont get much time. I have managed to do 12 so far but still 13 to go so this week i am scraping all week! I did all my work yesterday as there was not much to do and now Peace and quiet at home during the day to scrap! YEAH!!! I hope to get the 25 done.

so here are my LO so far.......

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