09 February 2009


Well we have had a swarm of some kind of bugs hatch in springwood of biblical proportions on Saturday. I think it is the heat as we have had over 40 oC for the past 4 days! but these bugs are mad!
They were flying around on sat and sun and now they have landed on the trees, grass and plants. When you walked on our front lawn all you could hear was " CRUNCH!CRUNCH!" under foot! I have had to spray the doors as they were getting under the front door and flying around the house. Yuck!
They apparently took over the library at Zoe's new school as well. here are some pictures that i took of a few trees covered in them in out front yard!

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Claire, Matty and Ioan said...

Yuch! Gross! Glad the weather's still cold here and all bugs are dead (I presume as I haven't seen any). Hope the 3 of you are well and we're glad that you're not near those awful, awful fires xxx