18 October 2012

This month is multi liner madness over at the mad for markers challenge blog.
 And i think i must have been mad to offer my multiliners to help my daughter Zoe with the pictures. Like in my last post, my daughter is an avid drawer. She always has he head in a sketch book creating cartoons or drawing different characters from TV and movies.
And yesterday was no exception. she came home from school, did her homework and started to draw. When she was finished she asked me "Mum, will you trace this for me?"  "sure"i said i will do it tomorrow.
So today i grabbed my trusty multiliner and traced her picture so she can colour it in when she gets home today.
Isn't that what mums are for?..... using their treasured markers and multiliners for their kids???
well mine are so here are the results.

The image is all finished now and awaiting Zoe to come home from school and colour it!

Arn't mulitliners great!

You can buy yours at the Mad for Markers store, once you have them, why not enter the challenge at the Mad for Markers challenge blog!
good luck!

Tara :)

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Melissa said...

Looks great Zoe, so proud of you.
Melissa xxxxx