12 November 2012

Getting gifts ready for Christmas- plushies.

Christmas is only just over a month away...i know right!!! can you believe it! and as this year i am trying to be a bit more creative with my pressies i thought i would make some plushies.
One of the exciting things i have taken part of this christmas is a Secret Santa over at a Facebook group i am involved in called Aussie Nails. this is a group of Aussies Gals who love to collect nail polish and well basically be addicted to nail polish. I am one of these girls! so with out Secret Santa due to be posted in a couple of weeks i wanted to make something really special for the parcel. We have a $25.00 limit which really does not buy you a whole lot of polish, so with this in mind i thought i would make my Secret Santa a nail polish bottle plushie!. Yep you heard right! a Giant bottle of nail polish.
Here is my inspiration.

And here is the finished plushie.
I Started out with this plushie by making the pattern. This involved many of my Fiskars tools!
To make the pattern I used a large bowl to make the semi circle for the bottle with my Fiskars shape express and circle templates to make the top of the bottle,the bottom of the bottle and the top and bottom of the lid. I also cut out a white circle with my shape express for the label on the bottom of the bottle. it have to be true to life right?!

I then cut everything out with my Fiskars scissors.
Once cut out i hand sewed the label with secret santa and a bar-code on to the white felt. then sewed it onto the base of my bottle felt.
I then punched out felt letters and had stitched O.P.I on to the bottle front along with all the other writing on a OPI bottle.
Next i made the lid. i machine sewed the felt together then hand stitched the gap once filled with stuffing.
I took the lid and sewed it to the top of the bottle piece of felt. Then joined all the bottle pieces together turned the right way in and filled with stuffing.

I sewed up the hole i filled with and it was made!
Cute huh! The bottle stands 25cm tall and looks almost like the real thing. It only took a couple of hours to make and i am sure my Secret Santa will love it!
Tara :)

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