30 April 2013

Have you entered ODDIDOL?????

hey there everyone!!! i have been a little slack of late posting here on the blog due to me running a charity auction over at Custom blues for autism charity auction where my second passion has come into play and i have got 17 indie polish makers from around the world to donate a one of a kind custom blue nail polish and auction it off to raise funds and awareness for Autism and ASPECT Australia.
So busy busy busy!!! Between that and doing a bunch of work for practical publishing. i jsut have not had the time to post :(
But today i want to share with you something really special!!!!
Yep the first ever ODD IDOL. a great competition where you take a sketch cre create it and post on their gallery.
I am about to enter my card. fingers crossed! im a huge fan of Some odd girl and just love everything they create!!!!
why not check it out and have a go!

Tara :)

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