10 May 2013

Some Odd Girl ODD IDOL...... i made it to round 2!!!

Hello there everyone!
Well i am super excited!! i made it to round 2 of Some odd Girl Stamps - ODD IDOL
We are now down to 20 people and we were given the theme of friendship. with this theme the top 20 have to create a project to enter.

THEN IT IS YOUR TURN!!!!! You have to go on over to the Some Odd Girl Ning Community either sign in or join, then on the top bar there is a tab for odd idol, voting will take place there! vote for your favorite ! This is a blind voting so no one knows whos project is whos, you have to just pick your favorite, so sorry i cannot tell you which ones mine :( but pick your fav! and then on the 15th May the top 15 will go to the next round!!!!!

So head on over and Vote Vote VOTE!!!!

tara :)

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