10 May 2011

Sticking Fiskars Punches???

OK....We all have a sticking punch somewhere in the craft stash that you just do not want to throw out.
You say to yourself "I'll leave it for a while and fix it later" secretly hoping that when you come back to the sticking punch that it has fixed itself!
Worry no more!!!
My Mum put me on to a fantastic product..... NO not WD40....that stuff stinks and is greasy forever!
Mum said to use silicone lubricant on my punches. It is what they call a "dry" lubricant so it is not greasy like WD40 and is a million times better than wax paper.
Simply place a few drops on to the metal bit of your punch, press up and down a few times and punch a few times to get rid of any excess lubricant and your punches do not stick any more!!!!
You can buy a spray version from Bunning's (in a can with a straw thing likeWD40) or EK success sell it in a little bottle called Punch Revitalizer.
I have used this stuff on all of my old punches and WOW! does it work well.
No more sticky punches for me!!!!

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