29 May 2012

a short scissor story....

Everyone has a pair of scissors in their house..... me..... i have QUITE a Few! i am a bit OCD when it come to what i use them for.
For you who know me out there in the internet, i have a pair of scissors for EVERYTHING. And every pair is clearly labeled with what is to be cut with them.
Here are a few of my scissors.
As you can see on some of them i have them labeled with dymo tape. some say "paper"some say "fabric"a pair says "Glue"and a pair says "detail"......and the labeling goes on.....
Now in my household EVERYONE knows you DO NOT use the wrong scissors to cut the wrong thing or there will be hell to Pay!!  i like to keep them in the best condition as possible so that is the rule...Paper scissors for paper and so on.

Now you have a little background about my scissors i would like to share a story with you. i told Philippa  this story last week and she said i just had to share with you all on the blog.

As some of you know i went away with my hubby last week for 4 days. it was the first time i had ever left my children. as Zoe has Special needs we have never felt comfortable leaving her before now. but as she is 10 years old we thought she would be ok with her sister Poppy and my mum.
Rob and i had a great time in Melbourne and when we returned on the monday we chatted about the good time we had and we gave the kids gifts etc. All seemed fine.
We did not really notice that Zoe was not that happy that we had left her.... and as she has ASD i think she did not really like the change.
So mum went home monday night and on tuesday morning we got up and got Zoe ready for school. while getting ready to take her i notice Zoe walk out of the room with handfuls of hair and some scissors.
She had gone into her room and hacked all her hair and fringe off!!!( i suspect it was for effect to get our attention) Zoe has....i mean had.... lovely long hair, she was growing it.
She walked up to my hubby Rob and handed him the clumps of hair and the scissors. I was in shock, looking at what she had done and thinking ....ï'm going to kill her....school photos are on thursday...
"Rob just looked at her and said........ "WELL I HOPE YOU USED THE RIGHT SCISSORS!!!!!"
I do not think i have laughed so much!!!

I just had to share with you all because Rob said it so calmly and i do not really think he even registered what she had actually done to her hair...he was more worried about my reaction to the scissors not being used correctly!!!
Well i hope you have had a chuckle, Zoe now has a short bob hair cut and about 1 inch of fringe left and a funny looking school photo.
And just to note ....i do not have a pair of scissors that say HAIR!

Tara :)

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Eline Jansens said...

Hahahaha! Funny husband you have! He's got quite some skills handling tense situations =D

Your Scissor collection.. it awes me a little bit =O But in a way it's very nice to see them all together so neatly labelled =) I'm obsessed with pens and pencils and markers for as long as I can remember. Everybody in my family knows not to touch them without asking first. Everybody calls me weird but after reading your story I feel perfectly normal again, haha =D

My last freaky marker fact is the Color swatch book I made for my Copic Colors. It took me hours to make and now I'm losing even more time gazing at it in upper admiration: colors colors colorssss! (pictures are on my blog)

So I think it's very kind of you to share this "Freaky fact" and like this to support the freak in all of us.