21 June 2012

Fiskars and Fynmark ...what a great combo part 2

Hello there everyone! Today i have to share with you all part 2 of my Fiskars /Fynmark combo projects.
First up is a calendar. Thanks to my Dad; he made the wood part for me to use, i had a great base to work from.

DT fynmark home decor2 (Large)
Fynmark home decor 1 (Large)

I think the main Fiskars tool i used for this project was my Trimmer! It was great to be able to measure up each square to place on the number block and know they will all be exactly the same.
I also trimmed the paper for the month blocks and then used my Fiskars fingertip knife to alter some of the chipboard stickers a little to fit where they needed to go on my calendar.
Next up is a little album i made using a different range of Fynmark/Ruby Rock it papers. this collection is called Vintadge.

I made a mini album for our trip to the uk in 2009.

DT fynmark mini album front (Large)

For the front cover i used several Fiskars tools. The circle was already in the album but i used my Fiskars shape express and circle template to cut out the picture od zoe exactly the same size as the window in the album.I used my circle Fiskars everywhere punch to make a hole in the backing paper to put on the inside cover of the album also.

DT fynmark mini album binding (Large)

The ribbon as cut using my Fiskars scissors.....that were labeled "fabric"! long story check out this post

DT fynmark mini album page 1 (Large)
DT fynmark mini album page 2 (Large)
DT fynmark mini album page 3 (Large)
DT fynmark mini album page 4 (Large)
DT fynmark mini album page 5 (Large)

With all the other pages i used m Fiskars trimmer, Fingertip knife and Scissors. THis was quite a simple album but as the size was only 4 x 4 inches you could not really embellish a whole lot.
All the Fiskars and Fynmark products i used for all my projects can be found in spotlight!
Well i hope you enjoyed seeing  my little projects and hopefully you have had some inspiration to create some of your own.

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