07 June 2011

Tuesday Tutorial... Using Fiskars Everywhere punch to create a window.

Today for Tuesday Tutorial I am showing you all how the New Fiskars Everywhere Punch works and how to line it up to create a fantastic Window card.
Here is the finished card.
To create this card you will need the following.....
Fiskars Everywhere punch starter set. They are currently available at Spotlight or www.abiscraft.com.au
Fiskars Trimmer
Fiskars Scissors
Card-stock in brown and white (if using copic markers to colour use bleed proof card-stock)
Sizzix texture plate in brick pattern and a die cutting machine to run it through
Lawn fawn stamps. I have used critters in the burbs,critters in the forest,banneriffic, lunar lights,critters in the snow and fanciful frames.you can get them from www.lawnfawn.com (yes! I am loving lawn fawn at the moment!)
Copic markers to colour
memento tuxedo black in pad.
glue,glitter and glossy accents.

First step. Cut Your card to square 15cm x 30cm, score at the 15cm line to create your square card.

On the inside of your card pencil in lines at 7.5cm vertical and horizontal. This is your guide to cut your window evenly.

Start in the bottom right section of your card to create your first window. Use the guide lines on the Fiskars everywhere punch to get your square lined up with your pencil lines.use the 1st line in on the guide so when you cut there will be a gap. this will create the 'cross' section in the window.

Your first square is cut.

Turn the card upside down to put the cut square in the top left section. From now on we will be cutting the squares in a clockwise order.I have found by doing this i can get the squares the most even as you have the cut square on the left to use as a guide for the next punch.
Do the same as the step above. line up your square and punch.

Turn your card to make the last punched square to the top left section again and then follow the above steps and cut the 3rd square.

Finally turn your card again to make the last punched square to the top left and punch the final square.
You now have your window. If you are not 100 % give it a few goes on paper first to get the knack.

Here is your window card.

Next place your card into the brick texture folder and run through your die cutting machine. I had to do this twice to get the whole card embossed.

Once embossed trim off any card from the top or bottom that has not been embossed. i had to trim about 1/2 cm off the bottom to tidy the card up.

 The trimmed card.

 next cut a piece of white card-stock to fit inside the card for the background. I used express it blending card-stock as i will be using Copic markers to colour in.

 Glue or double side tape the white card-stock into the inside of the card. Once you have done this close the card and with a pencil trace around where the window holes are. This will help you place your stamped images in the best position for maximum effect when the card is closed.

Stamp your images into the card. Ensure when the card is closed that you can see the important parts of the stamp to give the"looking through the window" effect. I have gone with lawn fawn stamps to create a Christmas theme. I really wanted to do an open fire with the Xmas tree but i cannot seem to get lawn fawn cozy Xmas stamps ANYWHERE!!! Never mind I did the best with what I had.

 Colour in with Copic markers (or any colouring medium), use glitter and glossy accents to add sparkle to the tree etc.

And there you have it... The finished card. Just like you were looking in on a cold Christmas night!

The Fiskars Everywhere Punch starter set comes with the square punch included. you can also get circle,scalloped square and scalloped circle as separate shapes. These extra shapes are interchangeable with your starter set. When i get my little hands on the other shapes i will put up some more tutorials for you using the different shapes.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Tara...just popping in to say what a fabulous tutorial....great instructions.....and easy to follow


Anonymous said...

Great tutorial Tara! Idea for our craft class, will have to use Craft Robo to cut out squares though.