29 September 2011

We are here! ready for the world cup! Rotorua day 1.... Waimangu volcanic valley

Today was our first day at Rotorua. the smell of sulphur was not as bad as i thought... it smells like guy forks night in England!
Rob picked today's activity, Waimangu volcanic valley, so we drove there, only 14 km out from our hotel, which can i add ROCKS!!! the Silver Fern is GREAT!!!! a massive outdoor spa in our apartment!
Anyway we drove out and it was a 4km walk to check out all the volcanic activity.
above is the crater with red fern growing on it and just above this is the other crater that is filled with thermal waters. the last eruption was 1975 so not that long ago!!!

 the hot mud bubbling away!

 more hot water, it is so amazing that it is hot not cold!

this is rob caught on camera right at the moment he put his hand in VERY hot thermal water.....55 oC LOL!!

 the hot stream.

 this was amazing another crater filled with water that was 75-90 oC and the colour was perfect!
 a little geyser we saw on the walk.
this flat behind zoe was a crazy 95 oC very hot!!!

After the trip there we went to the food market in Rotoura for tea. it was great Zoe wanted the worlds largest hot dog so we got it for her!

Then she had a massive ice cream!

Notice the ice cream on her nose!

Poppy enjoyed the food too......

On our way home we had the best photo opportunity ,there was a garden of Poppies so i just had to take a picture!!!!
How cute is she!!!!
tomorrow we are off to the thermal spas to have a soak, then Zoe and Rob are off to go Zorbing.... that is the 2 of them in a giant blow up hamster wheel filled with water getting pushed off a hill! should be  good photos!

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