03 September 2011

Wonky Block Quilt Part 1

My Daughter zoe has been pestering me for a Sponge bob Square pants Quilt.
I looked EVERYWHERE for sponge bob material and all i could find were 2 fat quarters on ebay.
Now that was not going to make a quilt was it!
So i decided to make a wonky block quilt.this type of block is great if you have little bits of fabric that you want to highlight...like sponge bob!
All i need is a sewing machine quilters ruler my trusty Fiskars rotary cutter and my Fiskars large mat.Oh and more fabric of course!
P1000115 (Medium)
The first thing i did for my wonky block was to cut out sponge bob from the 2 fat quarters.
P1000134 (Medium)
P1000135 (Medium)
I Then started to cut my fabric into strips about the same width as the sponge bob squares i cut out.
P1000206 (Medium)
I then pinned the first bit of material to my square. make sure that the patterned material you use is cut a little longer than the square you are sewing it to.
P1000207 (Medium)
Then sew the 2 bits together and then iron the seam flat on one side.
P1000208 (Medium)
Once this is done trim the right side to be straight and then cut another piece of material strip as long as the right side(actually a little longer about 2 Cm's)
P1000210 (Medium)
sew the 2 pieces together.
P1000212 (Medium)
Trim the bottom and then cut a different fabric to sew onto the bottom of the block you are creating.
P1000215 (Medium)
Trim the right side and again cut a bit of fabric to sew onto the right side.
P1000216 (Medium)
Now comes the first half of the Wonky bit for the wonky block.
Put your ruler on an angle on the top of the square you have made.
P1000217 (Medium)
Trim along the ruler.
P1000218 (Medium)
I then line up the cut line with a straight line on my Fiskars cutting mat and then trim straight the other 3 sides. i try to aim for my square to be about 7-8 inches by the time i have trimmed the first layer of the block so after you have added the second layer and trimmed you have a 12 inch block.
P1000219 (Medium)
 once all trimmed you should have a square like this.....
P1000220 (Medium)
for the second layer of the wonky block you do the same as the first layer. starting at the top and working around from the right.
P1000221 (Medium)
P1000223 (Medium)
P1000224 (Medium)
P1000225 (Small)
once all sewn together. place your ruler on and angle the opposite way you places it on the first layer. Cut, then line up again with a line on your mat and trim around the square till you get a 12 inch square or what ever size you want.
the finished block will look like this.....
P1000226 (Medium)
Make as many square you need to make your quilt. i am making 16 as i want to make the quilt quite large as i will turn the quilt into a duvet cover.
In part 2 i will show you how to construct the quilt.
Happy sewing....
Tara :)

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