09 September 2011

wonky block quilt part 3 putting it all together.

Good evening everyone, Well after a busy 2 days i can finally share with you all part 3 of my wonky block quilt...well duvet cover actually!
Ok, once you have put the quilt together you now need to attach the edges of the quilt. by accident i ran out of material so i managed to get a similar colour to edge the quilt.
DSCF2268 (Medium)

cut your fabric to the width you need and then sew to your quilt. i recommend to do the long sides first.
DSCF2270 (Medium)
once both sides are sewn on, trim the ends.
DSCF2269 (Medium)
once this is done sew the top strip on to the quilt.
DSCF2272 (Medium)
Now as i am making this quilt into a duvet cover you need to reinforce the bottom strip as you will have to sew on buttons or clips to it.
So firstly make your last strip twice as wide as the other  strips. fold in 1/2 and iron.
then with some webbing or iron on interfacing place a small strip(approx. 2 inches) at the crease and iron on.
DSCF2275 (Medium)

Then iron the fold over again.
DSCF2274 (Medium)
Now you can sew the last strip to your quilt. make sure you sew the rough end to the quilt not the folded end with the interfacing.
Now Zoe wanted sponge bob to have something to play with and what better thing to applique onto the quilt than jellyfish! So i grabbed my Making memories Slice and cut out a LOT of jellyfish with the Zootopia design card. Then i appliqued them on. it took a LONG time!!!!!
DSCF2276 (Medium)
Now it is time for the Back of the quilt. I have decided not to actually "quilt" my quilt as i am making it in to a duvet cover...plus i am a little lazy when it comes to quilting!
So to make this quilt into a duvet cover i purchased a Flat sheet from spotlight to use as the backing. Make sure you buy a good quality sheet as the cheaper ones are way to thin.
Line up the flat sheet so the "top" or double thickness part of the sheet is at the bottom of the quilt. this gives strength to sew on buttons and clips. pin the flat sheet to the quilt and sew. Remember you need to keep the bottom open so you can put the duvet in!( i say this but you can be assured i have done sillier things!)
DSCF2278 (Medium)
Sew on your buttons or clasps, pop your duvet in and there you have it!
DSCF2280 (Medium)
Zoe is a very happy girl! and as i have a spare wonky block left i am going to make a matching pillow case.

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