06 September 2011

Wonky block part 3

Today I will share with everyone how to put together your wonky block quilt.
If you missed part 1 it is here.
Once you have got all your wonky block squares made up it is time to put them all together. The first thing you have to decide is how big you want your quilt. For Zoe's Sponge bob Square pants quilt, i am actually making it to be a duvet cover (which i will show you all in part 3) so i measured up Zoe's bed and realized i need it to be approx 66 inches x 92 inches. To work out how big you need your stripping between your blocks add the width of each block square.( mine are 11inches...they were suppose to be 12 inches but accidents happen!!!) take away 1/2 inch for the sewing (1/4 inch each side of the block you will loose when sewing together) and then add up how many blocks you will have along the total width of your quilt. I had 3 blocks so it totaled 31.5 inches. so take away the total width of the quilt you require and that should give you the total width of stripping you need to divide between each block. so my will be 66(the width of my quilt) - 31.5(the total width of my blocks minus the 1/2 inch for each block allowed for sewing) = 34.5 inches total for stripping and if i divide this by 4 which is how many strips i will need to go around 3 blocks i come up with 8.5 inches. Now to me it looked a little wide for stripping so i adjusted it to 6.5 inches and added 1/2 inch for sewing together.
Do the same maths for the length of your quilt and that should total your stripping. If you are not quite sure please feel free to contact me via the comments.
so cut your strips to the correct length and width.
P1000289 (Medium)
P1000290 (Medium)
Once you have your strips cut. pin the first strip to one of your wonky blocks.Then sew.
P1000291 (Medium)

 Take your next wonky block and place wrong way up onto the block and strip that is sewn together. line up your block with the sewn one to ensure your blocks will be straight and in line with each other then sewn together.
P1000292 (Small)
Sew together.
Pin the next strip to your block and again sew.
P1000293 (Medium)
Do the last 2 steps till you have the desired length of the quilt minus the edging around the blocks.
We will add that at the end.
Once you have sewn as many strips and blocks together that you need trim off the excess fabric.
P1000294 (Medium)
when finished your blocks and strips should look like this.
P1000295 (Medium)
Once you have sewn your little strips between all the blocks it is time to add the long lengths of fabric that will join the strips together. Make sure you line up all your blocks so they look straight.
When finished it should look like this.
P1000296 (Medium)
Once all are joined the quilt should look like the picture below.
P1000297 (Medium)
In Part 3 i will show you how to add the strips around the edge of the quilt, add some applique( i am going to add Sponge bobs favourite thing.... krabby patties and jelly fish!) and how to add a flat sheet to make the patchwork into a duvet cover.
Tara :)

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