01 October 2011

day 3...glowworm caves

Today Zoe and I went to the Waitomo glowworm caves and rob looked after Poppy. It was a 2 hour drive to Waitomo and on the way we saw turkeys on the road. zoe was quite excited about it!

Then we went to all 3 caves. the first one was the big glowworm cave and you got to go on a boat ride but unfortunately you could not take pictures.
then we went into the other 2 caves which you could take pics

while we were in the last cave we got to see more glowworms. you could not really take good pics of the glowworms but i managed to get a pic of tthe strands that the glowworms make to catch their food.
on  the way back we had to go on a spiral track in the caves it was quite cool.
this is the view from the top.
and another pic of zoe!
tomorrow is the rugby match. i will put pics up when i get back!

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