06 October 2011

Our holiday comes to a close....... :(

The last few days i did not have access to a internet connection so here is a little story of what happened over the past 2 days.
On Tuesday we went to the buried village. it was really interesting. In 1904 a volcano erupted and buried several villages.a little like pompeii. it was amazing to think of the force that destroyed and killed everyone in the village.

There was heaps to see.
Once we walked around Zoe and i went for a waterfall walk. the views were great.

Then we went for a little drive to see the volcano that did all the damage. the volcano is dormant but will erupt again.
You can see the volcano top in the distance.
That night we decided to go to the pig and whistle again for tea. while waiting for dinner Zoe locked herself in the toilet. she was a right state when she managed to get out (mind you she had to crawl under the door which was only a 8 inch gap.) Any way like the daughter so is she went and complained to the wait staff she got upset about the whole thing and they gave her a free sundae. she was very happy with herself as you can see in the picture!
She then decided to share it with poppy . the 2 of them were bouncing off the walls giggling for hours after! It was all that sugar!!!

Here is the 2 of them sharing the flake on the top!!!!!

The next day we went to Auckland and checked out the factory outlet village. it was ok. then off to the holiday inn and then today we flew home...... to find the washing machine broken! Typical!!!!
All in all we had a FANTASTIC holiday!!!

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