11 February 2012

I'm knackered!

What a day today has been! It all started off with me getting ready for my first weight watcher meeting. i  need to loose about 20 kgs!  here goes.......
I was checking my emails before the meeting and surprise surprise, i got an acceptance from Paper crafts that they want to use one of my cards in the next Stamp it! magazine. Whoot Whoot!!!!*(insert me hyperventilating in excitement!!!* Any way the cards and paper work needs to be in the US of A by 2nd march, and as the postmen here i think use horse and cart still i knew i had to get it in the post today. but trying to keep the kids quiet! boy what a thing to do! Being the BAD mother i am, i sat Poppy in front of the portable DVD player in her highchair to watch the Wiggles(always good to get at least an hour of silence....thanks you wiggles!!) and Zoe in front of the Big TV with another DVD. Finally got the paper work done! and posted!
by this time the kids were going a little stir crazy. Zoe had let Poppy out of the high chair and then Poppy decided that it would be fun if she kept jumping off the back of the sofa! this is a metre and a bit drop!laughing all the time. So i put a stop to that. Rob woke up for his evening shift and all settled down. then later Rob went off to work and it started all again. Poppy running around the house with ,what i think was an old lunchbox of Zoes????!!! i'm not 100% sure as it has disappeared. most likely to the same place she hides all the dummies that i for the life of me cannot find!
Anyway finally got them settled again....thank you again the wiggles! and fed Poppy dinner.
I still had to finish off the paperwork for me being a guest designer on Lily pad cards, so i have,as i type, just finished off it,emailed it and now posting this post. but where you ask are the lovely little monsters i call children?? well again not doing what you should,i have put them in both in the bath (i am only in the next room,do not worry i can see them and certainly hear them!!!!!) The bathroom looks like a Tsunami has been through, but is is a small price to pay just to get my emails etc done!!! roll on 7pm! Poppy to bed and Zoe in her room reading! Phew, those 2 just wear me out!!!!

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Jay Gee said...

Wow Tara! Congratulations on getting picked up by Paper Crafts and on your upcoming GD on Lilly Pads - how exciting :)