03 March 2012

I am cheering from the rooftops for Zoe!

Guess what?
Zoe got an....... wait for it........

In the latest lawnscaping challenge! I am so proud of her. And she was so funny about it too!
You just have to love Autism! Zoe is just so positive about everything. and when i showed her that she came...well i said 3rd as she did not quite get the whole gnome thing........ she was really excited and said to me "mum. i am glad i came third. 3 is my lucky number" how great was that!
I also want to big up lawnscaping. as they included Zoe to their competition. thanks lawnscaping. it really means a lot to me .


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Sara G. said...

Congratulations Zoe! She did a great job on her card!