01 July 2011

tuesday tutorial (on thursday) rolled roses *third times a charm*

* OK this is the third attempt in getting blogger to upload images...so here goes....*

Today is a quickie and a easy tutorial. Rolled roses. You do not need to go out and buy a bunch of those dies out there to create a rolled rose. all you need is a circle of card,scissors and card or paper.
I am using my Fiskars shape template and shape cutter to create the circles and I am also using the free hand function on the shape cutter to cut the spiral on my circles.

firstly cut yourself a circle.

next cut a spiral from the outside to the middle. it does not have to be in a straight a wobbly edge gives it a more petal look.

Then start to roll the card/paper from the outside in.

once you get to the end pop a glue dot on the bottom and stick to the end of the spiral.

slowly tease the rolled paper/card to open a little to create a fuller flower.

Add some glitter or ever glossy accents on the edges to give a sparkly or dew drop effect.

I made a few useing these flowers and put them onto a layout of my daughter Zoe. I used also ink by steph papers and rub ons and the background papers were cut with many border punches by fiskars also.

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